Hello my lonely reader!

Hello my lonely reader! If you are reading these lines, probably your google crawling went too far this night, try to get a life next time.

Anyways, since you are here, and evidently, you don’t have anything better to do, keep on reading!

As a software developer I feel a need to mark my first post with  the word ‘hello’ ( maybe even attach  word ‘world’ to it). However  I want to reassure you, that content of this blog, will be everything except programming related stuff.

You would ask:

Why not about computers, aren’t you do something with IT for a living, huh?

Why not? Firstly, because I already have a dedicated programming blog , secondly, because I tend to deceivingly  convince myself that I have other interests, besides the one where I develop computer programs/websites and stuff of that sort.

Then I assume you would ask:

So what will this blog be about  ?

About some of the things that I love.

I love photography , gadgets, active lifestyle, food, traveling, philosophy, entrepreneurship, humour and a bit of politics (mostly to make fun of it).

The idea of this blog is to give myself some space to talk about the things that I find important. To share my ideas.

Do I need a reader ? Probably not, but if someone stumbles on my messy writings – I don’t mind you reading it.

That’s it for tonight.

Good night!




Curious Dreamer, Experimentator addicted to fine Wine and Endurance Sports

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