Wildlife Photography: Grizzly Bear, Banff Alberta

Grizzly Bear on the Hill

Interesting facts about Grizzly Bear:

– Grizzly Bear cubs can climb trees when they are young. After few years they will lose this ability because of their long claws. Bear’s claw is long like human’s finger.


– The grizzly bear can run at 30 miles (48 kilometers) an hour

Grizzly Bear closeup

– Grizzly Bears are listed as a threatened species

Grizzly Bear From Behind Closeup

– 95% of the Grizzly Bears who live past age 2 in North America die at the hands of humans from gunshot.

Grizzly Bear Face closeup

– Grizzly Bears are able to gain 11 to 23 kilograms (3 to 6 pounds) per day

Grizzly Bear Closeup

– Pregnant Grizzly Bears even give birth in their sleep! Midwinter, grizzly bear cubs (usually born in pairs) arrive into the world blind, hairless, and toothless.

Grizzle Bear from Behind

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