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What is a Puppy Mill and why you shouldn’t buy your puppy from a retail store ? [Disturbing Images]

Did you know that most dogs sold are from puppy mills ? Do you know what is a puppy mill?


Recently, I had a pleasure to watch Canadian Premiere of “Dog by Dog”. Film touches the issue that is close to my heart – well-being of dogs.

In the end of the film, there was a Q&A session with the director Christopher Crimes. One of the questions was – what can I do to help ? And the answer was – raise awareness. So here I am, doing my part in raising awareness.

What is a Puppy Mill ?

If you google puppy mill, which I highly recommend you to do, you will find this definition:

Puppy mill definition

The key in this definition is word inhumane. If you would dig deeper and read more, you will find that usually, puppy mill dogs live in the wired cages, that are slightly bigger than an actual dog with wired floors. These dogs never run outside, they never feel love from their owner, they stay in the same cage for years  because the soul purpose of their existence is to produce puppies that can be sold directly, to retail stores or online.

Many of the dogs in puppy mill get sick and die, then they are usually thrown out of the cage and replaced by new dogs.

Photo credit: animalblawg.wordpress.com


Why Puppy Mill owners do that to their dogs ?

The answer is pretty simple and it is common to most of the bad things that happens – human greed. Puppy Mills owners are treating dogs as a source of income and they are cutting costs on everything. Small space, breeding every heat, horrible conditions – all this maximizes profit for the puppy mill owner. This business is very profitable as some puppies are sold for as much as 6 thousand dollars.

The worst part  is that  puppy mills are totally legal.

Since the industry is very profitable, lawmakers are closing their eyes on problem of puppy mills. There are no laws preventing puppy mill owners to limit amount of dogs on the premises, law that would disallow wired flooring of cages, law that would disallow dogs to be held outside in extreme cold or heat, or law that would enforce puppy mill owner to walk the dogs.

It seems to me that in this case, human greed went too far…


How is this related to you?

Another interesting moment in the movie was that people have no idea that puppies, that they buy came from a puppy mill. People think that if they buy a puppy from a retail store, that is approved by some ‘Blah Blah’ association, that this puppy and its parents were held in the good conditions. This is wrong, because most of those retail stores want to cut their expenses, so they buy puppies in bulk from puppy mills.


How to make sure that you don’t buy dog from a puppy mill ?

a. Make sure that you buy dog from a reputable breeder, that would allow you to see the premises where dogs are held
b. Make sure that the breeder shows you puppy’s parents.
c. Reputable breeder will not sell their puppy’s in the retail store, because they care where the puppy will end up living
d. Reputable breeder will have a lot of questions for you to make sure that you are the right candidate for a puppy


How can you help with this problem ?

a. Make sure you know where your puppy came from
b. Adopt a dog
c. Raise awareness by sharing information about puppy mills with your friends and family


Resources to find out more info:

Prisoners of Greed
Paws For Hope Animal Foundation


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