2016 Challenge No #1 – To Complete Full Marathon – Day 1

I am excited to share with new my first challenge of 2016…

Hello My Lonely Reader and a Happy New Year!

For people who know me well enough, they know I like to challenge myself. Every December I set myself challenges, that I want to achieve next year. Those challenges are usually outside of my league, but they are challenges and not dreams, so they are theoretically achievable.

I will share with you couple of challenges for 2016 and will keep you posted about the progress.

Lets start right away. Last year I was doing some running. Nothing special just regular 5k-10k runs. My longest distance so far is 17  km with very slow pace. Also, one of the reason why I don’t run long distances – I have a minor knee injury, that reminds  of itself every time I run too hard.

This would be the end of this lovely and pretty boring story, If I didn’t decide to run the Marathon in 2016. Are you crazy? – you would ask, –  Maybe

Why do I want to complete a Marathon?

a. This distance seems unachievable right now
b. It will keep me fit and motivated
c. I can learn nuances of running long distances
d. I can prove to myself that I can.

Isn’t that good enough ? I have a goal and I can use logical reasoning and in  4 points explain why I think I should do it

Challenge #1 in 2016 – Run Full Marathon

So lets recap what we got:

a. Amateur runner with ok physical health and knee injury
b. Maximum distance so far – 17 km in about 2 hours (very slow pace)
c. Committed to Complete a full Marathon (42k) in 2016

Here are some of the steps, that  I have already taken to make it work:

a. Signed Up for Marathon Clinic that would explain all necessary info about running a marathon
b. Committed to run every week

That’s it.  Are you interested how it all going to end? Follow me blog, I will Marathon stuff under – SpektorMarathonChallenge2016 tag

Day 1:

Ran 10k around Stanley Park

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.04.40 AM


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