Eat meat and save the planet, solution is innovation (alternatives to being Vegan)

Is there a way for people to eat meant and still save the planet? This was my questions of day, and I think I found an answer…

Some of you might know that I am taking a 30 day Vegan Challenge to lessen negative impact on our planet.

In documentary “Cowspiracy“, author proves that eating meat is unsustainable for our planet. I agree, but  also, after some thinking, I came to a conclusion that being Vegan, while billions are eating meat, is equally unsustainable.

When I think about it, I ask myself following question: “Do I really believe that in 10-20 years people will stop eating meat ?”.

Just think about it. Eating meat is a human right, that people will fight for.For example, take a look at amount of people opposing strict gun laws, even though, there are data showing direct co-relation between having a gun and mass-shootings.

Also, do I really believe that many care about environment that much ? I do care about environment myself, but even though, since recently I was eating 2 meat meals a day. I could imagine how many people are like me, or those that just don’t care at all.

So is there a solution  ? I think solution to a problem is innovation. Being able to find a medium that would allow people to feel good about themselves, and at the same time reduce amount of animals being killed.

There is no better place to look for innovative ideas than TED. I found couple videos, that I think worth mentioning.


#1 Andras Forgacs: Leather and meat without killing animals

Andras shows an alternative solution – biofabrication of meat and leather.

 #2 Graham Hill – Why I’m a weekday vegetarian

Graham shares his experience being a vegetarian 5 days a week, and making a choice in the weekend. It does not solve the problem, but it is a steps into a right direction.


Any other thoughts or ideas ?




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