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Marathon Preparation – Update – week #3 – More Distance and Hills #SpektorMarathonChallenge2016

So here we are at week #3 of my Marathon Preparation. Right now I am at 115 km for this month. Here is my training for week #3…


Monday – Rest Day, Recovery after Long Distance Slow Run.

Tuesday – Tempo Run incorporating hills (Running Room Clinic)Anatoly Spektor 7km Run week 3Notes: Pace seemed a bit slow on Tuesday, had lots of energy after the run.

Wednesday – Took day off due to some work engagement

Thursday – 10km on my own tempo pace
Anatoly Spektor 10km Thursday Run

Friday – Speedy pace lunch time run 9km
Friday run week 3 Marathon Challenge

Saturday – Recovery day before Long Distance Slow Run

Sunday – 16km Hilly long distance slow run across Lions Gate Bridge. 10 min run 1 min walk. (Running Room Clinic)
Note: felt easy but very enjoyable.After race rest of the day had headache, probably need to increase hydration level.

Long Distance Slow Run week 3 16 km Anatoly Spektor

Also did  a bit of Yoga on Sunday to stretch it out.



Most of my meals this week are similar to last week. I am still on Vegan diet, so I haven’t been eating any meat or diary. Home made veggie burgers (lunch), chickpeas curry (dinner) and kale/banana/soy milk smoothie (breakfast) was my main food this week.

Running Nutrition

Running Nutrition for Marathon Preparation

Since Marathon is a very long run I have started  trying different  running nutrition solutions. I have bought 2 Energy Chews by Clif. Those 2 chews are tasty and easy to eat. Each block has 6 chews. It is suggested to eat every 45 min during the long run, so runner have to carry a lot of nutrition during the run. The problem for some people with these blocks is that they are a bit big, and it is hard to keep it in mouth while running, but I find them  ok.

I have also bought electrolyte tablets from GU with Lemon flavour. Electrolytes are needed to replenish sodium in your body while running. I have mixed tablets with water and used them during my run and also couple hours before the run. I am honestly not a big fan of Lemon flavour as it remind me of Flu Syrups. I would not recommend tablets with this flavour.

Finally on this image you can see Body Glide – very nice tool to avoid scratches from the clothes when you run – helps me a lot!




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