First Marathon Training – week #4 – First Injury, Running Watch

My marathon training is Getting serious, Week #4

week #4 of first marathon training

Runs this week:

Tuesday – Tempo 10k – 2km fast 6km slow 2km fast (with Running clinic, felt easy)
Wednesday – 10k Steady  (with Running clinic, felt tough after Monday)
Saturday – 10k Steady but fast, set PB 10k (felt nice and easy, last lap did sprint and set 1k record)

Sunday – LSD 16k – in the 7k felt pain in the side muscle of the left knee, continued running since I was far from home, pain kept increasing. After 16k was hard to walk. When got home did Ice, Elevate and Rest, but seems like will have to take time off next week. Also LSD was too fast this week (about  average 5:45 per km)

Lesson Learned: Do not run tempo before LSD! (take Saturday off)
Lesson Learned:  Run slower LSD!
Lesson Learned: When pain increases – stop running

first marathon training - 10k fast run

Other Sports

Weight training on Tuesday morning.

Running Nutrition:

This week on my LSD run I have tried new electrolytes enhancement from nuun called tri-berry . I liked it much more then the previous one by Gu. Nuun tasted better and felt easier to drink.

Eletrolyte enhancement

For carbs, this time I used Gel by Hammer called Nocciola (Hazelnut + Chocolate). I loved the taste and I found it very easy to digest. If I had to choose between gummy-blocks and gels, I would choose gel, and taste of Hammer Nocciola is amazing!

Hammer Gel Hazelnut + Chocolate RUnning Nutrition


I am still on 30 Day Vegan Challenge  so I am eating Vegan. In the morning I drink smoothies (Banana, Cale, Spinach, Soy Milk), during the day I eat vegan burger,in the evening I east chickpea soup . Feeling great, lots of energy!

Running Watch

first marathon training - Garmin ForeRunner 235 HRM

For my sport watch I have bought Garmin Forerunner 235. Good review of this watch can be found here .

I will leave couple of notes what I like/dislike.


a. Easy to track GPS
b. Intuitive interface
c. Wrist heart rate monitor
d. Phone notifications
e. Customizable activity screens
f. Light and good looking
g. Ability to add apps (I got one for gym and use it as gym watch as well)
j. Auto syncs with Garmin Connect that syncs with Endomondo and Strava
h. Battery 3 days solid


a. Heart Rate Monitor is not very precise
b. Expensive


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