5 things I have learned while being Vegan for a month

As I have mentioned before, I am setting myself challenges every year. One of the challenges this year was not eating meat and dairy for 30 days. It was a lot of fun.

Here are top 5 things I have learned while being Vegan for a month:

#1 Food without dairy and meat tastes as good

I was afraid that I won’t be able to find food that I truly like. Most of my meals consisted of meat and I used butter heavily while cooking,  so switching to Vegan meant I am in the totally unknown territory. To my surprise Vegan dishes have interesting palette of flavours that I have never tried before. From Kale Chips to chickpea soup it tasted so good!

#2 There are plenty of choices when you go out

At least  two of my weekly meals I eat out, so for me not having this option sounded like a big drawback. However, I found that most of the restaurants are happy to accommodate Vegan Diet, and dishes they serve are amazing! From Vegan Pho to Vegan Mexican food, it all was delicious, and I always had something to choose from!

#3 Being Vegan you have much more energy

Often after eating food that is heavy on dairy and meat I felt so full that It was hard to do anything at all. Interestingly enough, in all my 30 days I have not had this feeling. Being on Vegan diet, I had a lot of energy!

#4 Most people understand and support your choice

Before starting my Vegan Challenge I thought that I will have hard time explaining to people why I am doing this, however in reality, people were very supportive and praised me for having courage to do that. It was unexpected, but very pleasant!

#5 Every day you feel you are doing the right thing

My main reason why I went Vegan was that I do not support unethical treatment of farm animals (and any other animals). Every day while being Vegan I had a sense of accomplishment by just not supporting this industry, this gave me motivation to move forward in all the other things in my life.


Those are 5 things I have learned while being Vegan. I am happy to say that after finishing the challenge, 80% of my time I am sticking to Vegan diet, because all these reasons outweigh  the need to eat meat and diary on a regular basis.


Thank you for reading, please put your questions into comments section.

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