Marathon preparation – 29km Long Distance Run (week #10)


Marathon Preparation – Running schedule

I have not been writing updates to my Marathon Challenge for a while. The reason to it was injury that did not let me go. I have an IT band injury on my left leg that appeared after week #4  16 km rub, because of that February I was taking  easy. I am visiting active release therapist, using foam roller and doing stretches in order to treat my injury. This definitely helps! If you want to find out more about it – let me know, I will write a separate post!

In February I did burst of short runs, and in total I was able to get 100km (it is not enough for marathon preparation, but better than nothing). Finally, on February 29th I was able to do 22 km run, which was my longest run in February.  My injury hurt, however it was manageable. When it hurt to the extent that I was not able to run, I did walk, and It really helped to make a distance.

Marathon Preparation 22 km Long distance run


In March I was able to continue running and today I did my 29km.

This is my longest run so far. It was very hilly, we climbed 2 bridges, which was tough. We did it slow, taking breaks when needed. By 24th km my injury started hurt more, and I had to stop for stretches. At 28th km it became unbearable, but thankfully, we had to do only 29km this week. I feel great sense of accomplishments,  and 3 hours after the run, I still can walk


Marathon Preparation – Lessons Learned:

a. When it hurts go slow, walk, stretch
b. Drink a lot of water, it helps for recovery


Marathon Preparation – This week runs:


Tuesday – 10 km tempo (pace: 5:20/1km – 6 km, 6:20/1km – 4 km)
Thursday – steady 10 km (pace: 5:45 1/km)
Saturday – long slow run 29km (page: 7.11/km including 10 minute run and 1 minute walk breaks)

Other than long distance runs, I try to limit my runs, not to risk with my injury. Instead of prescribed 5 runs, I do 3 for now.

Marathon Preparation – Running Nutrition:

For 29km:

  • 2.5 litre water with electrolytes ( 3 single packs of electrolyte for 2.5 litres)
  • 4 gels (every 45 min)


Electrolytes Brand:

This run (and 22km before) I used Eload Endurance Formula . I tried both pineapple and berry, and I love both of them. I like those more then Nuun electrolyte tablets reviewed in previous post , because Eload seems less carbonated and has nice salty taste. I don’t have any headaches after run, which means amount of water and electrolytes was just right.

Gel Brand

For gels I used both GU gels (Espresso, Salted Caramel and I have also tried Orange)  and Hammer gels . Both those gel brands are great.GU gels  have caffeine in them and it gives you kick when you really need it.  Hammer gels are very tasty! Hazelnut & Chocolate taste is still my favourite, however Apple (tastes like feeling for apple pie) is good too. If those are too sweet for you, I recommend to try Espresso.

That is it for now.

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