Affordable Red Wine to Age – Muriel Rioja 2009 Reserva

Muriel Rioja 2009

Looking for affordable red wine for your steak, or something special for a date? Rioja might be a good option, I have prepared a full review for you…

Muriel Rioja 2009 Reserva – Affordable Red Wine to Age

Price In BC: $28
Type: Light Wine
Red Rioja Grape Blend : Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mozuelo (aka Carignan) and Graciano
Region: Rioja (North Central Spain)
Maturing:  Reserva (1 year in oak barrel, 2 years in a bottle)

My opinion on structure:

Body: Full Body
Acidity: Low-Medium
Tannins: Medium-High
Colour: Ruby (on the paler side which show signs of aging)
Length: Long

Flavour Characteristics:

Matured in Oak barrel which gives it hint of vanilla. Red fruity notes – cherry, strawberry. Feels smooth and not as overpowering as its  big brothers from France – Cabernet Savignion or Shiraz. Easy to drink and  has a long length.

Verdict and Pairing:

Based on the Vintage Chart, 2009 year was an excellent year for Rioja, and it definitely feels so while drinking this wine. Good balanced, complex wine, most definitely good with meat as tannins work well with fat from the meat, however I find that it also pairs good with red fruits (plums, strawberries). I would age this bottle for 2-3 years to lessen tannins and get even more complex  flavours.

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