Marathon Training Update

Was a while since I wrote an update on my marathon training. Last update was March 5, so I will give quick updates on what happened  with my long runs during March and start of April.

After my last post I was struggling with couple of new injuries : hamstring strain and achilles tendon injury . Which created problems with running schedule and I had to improvise and skip some runs, and sometimes run more then schedule says.

During that time I almost constantly was running 4 times a week with Saturday or Sunday being my long runs. I did not do any hill training or speed work, because of the injuries.

Here is my 2 long runs that I want to talk about today:

#1 long run – 36km

Anatoly Spektor 36 km LSD run

36 km long run where half of it was part of  the BMO Marathon route. This was on March 19th. I was very afraid that  harmstring pain won’t allow me to run. Thankfully I was wrong! It did hurt and I have walked every hill not to make it worse, but in the end  I was able to do 36km which was my longest distance. Very proud of it. During that run I learned that when you manage your run (stop when you have to, stretch, get enough nutrition etc) – you can do what seems impossible!

Almost within month apart I did my second long run – 37 km .

#2 long run

Anatoly Spektor 37km run

This time I had ankle injury, and I was almost sure I won’t make it to 37 km. However, while running my pain was manageable and not sharp, so I was able to move forward. The route was Marathon route, I just cut last 5km from it. This time I did 10 min run, 1 min walk and no extra stops. My pace was good too. I was feeling strong.

The weather was was very sunny so during the run on the beach I felt hot and very tired, but I continued running and soon enough I felt good again. Last 4 km I was running non-stop with good just to finish it, and it felt very good. This is my longest run so far and I am extremely proud of it. Recovery from it is a bit tough as I feel pain in both legs, but It should be better soon What I learned here was that often our brain tells our body that we can’t run no more, but it is all lies, we can run fast and for much longer. Also I learned that when I ate gel every time I felt tired, I was back on track and feeling energized!

These was my 2 longs runs that I wanted to share with you!

Marathon is in 2 weeks, I feel I am ready and my hope is that I can fully recover from injuries and show my best

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