My Karp Mosel Riesling 2014 – Aromatic White – Characteristics and Food Pairing


Having a seafood party or looking for a wine to pair with fresh fruits on a warm Spring day ? I got you covered…

My Karp Mosel Riesling 2014 – Aromatic White

Price In BC: $19.99 (without sale 20.99)
Type: Light Wine
Grape : Riesling
Region: Germany (Mosel)

My opinion on structure:

Body: Low-Medium Body
Acidity: High
Colour: Medium Lemon
Length: Long
Sweetness: Off-dry
Alcohol Level: 9.5% (my guess is wine was removed from fermentation process early, which allowed to have sweet taste)

Flavour Characteristics:

Refreshing high in acidity Riesling with notes of citrus (lemon, grapefruit), floral aromas and of course famous Riesling’s petroleum.

Verdict and Pairing:

This is an amazing wine, affordable, but complex in taste, made with traditions of Riesling making in famous Mosel wine making region. I love that it has sweet notes, but it also is very delicate dry wine. I paired it with Rainbow trout made with lemon and herb butter, with potatoes on the side, and it paired amazingly, I also tried it with fresh fruits and again – amazingly paired.


Try it and you won’t regret

Let me know your thoughts!

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