First Marathon Training Program

If you plan to train for your first marathon, it is exciting, but a little scary since there are many unknowns.  In this post, I will share with you, how I have prepared for my first marathon in regards to : Training Program, Training Nutrition, Diet, Equipment and hopefully it will eliminate some of the unknowns.

I will keep it short, so if you have any additional questions please ask them in the comment section below.

Training Program

As you might have guessed I did not create my own training program, instead I signed up for marathon clinic with Running Room. Main reason for is that, was that I needed professional advice  on many areas to successfully complete 26 mile distance.

Running Room provides program similar to this.  Our program was a bit different in terms of having one tempo run, one hills/speed training and one long run, other runs were steady 10 km.

Long runs we ran in 10:1 mode – meaning 10 min run, 1 km walk.  Those runs are super slow. 10:1 helps to keep injuries to minimal and cover bigger distance.

I did not do any speed training or hills. Main reason for that was injuries, however, I did most of the long runs and steady runs. The only adjustment  I did  for long runs, was that I ran 36 and 37 km instead of  two 32 km. I found it useful, since I was able to get better feel of the marathon distance.

To track my runs  I have used Garmin watch that is reviewed here.

Training Nutrition

For Nutrition during long runs (more than 2 hours) and during my marathon – I used Hammer gels. I ad one gel every 30-45 minutes ( you can find review of gels here ). Also sometimes I took GU caffeine gels. Caffeine gives an extra kick, which is usually good at the end of the race. I did not eat more than 1 or 2 of those.

To carry gels I have used a running belt. I found it to be most convenient.

For electrolytes (sports drink) I mixed E-Load electrolyte powder with water, I usually took 1 scoop for 1 litre. I drank it only on long runs. Short runs (10 km and less) I did not drink any liquid at all.

To carry liquid I have used a  2 litre running backpack. I won’t share particular brand here, since I found it unreliable. It blew up during my marathon I know that CamelBack makes a great ones.


I try to eat healthy every day, so no particular diet for me. I did eat more carbs (bread, pasta) and almost no sugary stuff (pop, sweets). I advice not to consume any alcohol at least 2 weeks before the race.


Everything you see on the picture below.  (running cap, belt for gels, watch, running backpack for liquid, straps for knees, adidas training t-shirt and sport pants, running socks and boxers, gels running shoes)

First marathon training marathon gear bmo 2016

This is my quick overview. More detailed post available here.


I am often asked would I do it again, If I knew everything I know now, and the answer is definite yes. Marathon training requires a lot of preparation, it consumes a lot of time, it is a huge commitment both physically and mentally, but reward is great. Knowing that I am able to do something that I thought is almost impossible for me, is a very good feeling.

I am running my next marathon in 2 weeks

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