Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon 2016 Review

How to run 2 marathons in 1.5 months ?

I did my first marathon (BMO Vancouver) on May 1st. My second – Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon 2016 – was on June 18th, so difference between two – 1.5 months. It is said that it is better to do 1 marathon in 4-6 months. When I have finished my first marathon, I felt well and recovered in a week. In 2 weeks I was already doing long runs, so it was obvious to me, that I am ready to Rock n Roll  While running Seattle, I felt stronger than during my first marathon, so  I think it is definitely individual.

At 40km struggle is real ! #seattlerocknrollmarathon #runner #marathon #seattle

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Marathon Course Review

If I need to sum up the course, I would say  It it is repetitive and hilly. When you start, you run in the city, which is very nice, you are surrounded by amazing architecture of downtown Seattle. Then you have a long run in the suburbs towards the park. Starting from the park, you can constantly see people running in the opposite direction. These are people who already finished this part of the course, and are running back. As I said, course is repetitive. In the park you do a very nice scenic loop. After the park, it is half point, and then the fun starts. After couple more miles you reach the highway.This part of the highway is a bridge. It goes down, then it goes up, then it goes in the tunnel up, then it goes down and guess what comes next ? You run it all opposite direction. All this is happening on the last 5-7 miles, which makes it very challenging. Comparing to BMO Vancouver Marathon – this route is much more boring, but it also is much harder. Will I do this marathon again ? Probably not!

Marathon Organization

Regarding organization, since I have ran only 2 marathons, I can compare it to BMO Vancouver.

The Good

Overall organization in terms of road closures was great. There were no interruptions during the course, it felt smooth and well done. Water stations had enough water, after the course there were a lot of booths with different goodies.  Cool bands were playing along the course, which made it fun to run. During run in the park, there were people standing with the flags to honour American soldiers, this was very patriotic and very humble!  (Video Below)

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The Bad

Before the start, washroom lineups were about 40 minutes, which was very strange. Due to this, marathon was delayed.  If you are planning to run this marathon, I would strongly encourage to pay extra $80 and buy a VIP package. Also, something that I didn’t like, was that most of the marathon was not spectator friendly. It goes through highway, tunnels and park that is hard to accommodate people cheering. I also found that many areas of the marathon did not have volunteers  (comparing to BMO for sure), so if something goes wrong, it seems that at some parts of the marathon, you won’t be able to get help for a while.


If I had to rate this marathon out of 5, I would put 3/5. I truly enjoyed the run – it was challenging, but very rewarding. At the finish line – finisher medal was great as well as finisher jacket. However, course itself is repetitive, so I probably would not run it again. Also, organization at the start line was lacking as well as number of volunteers, that’s why I would give it a 3.

Here I am 42.2 km later… Crazy course! Hardest thing I have done so far! #rocknrollmarathon #seatlerocknroll #champ

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