Your Manager works for you, not the other way around!

Throughout my career, I have a privilege to  observe many different people in the position of leadership and how they lead their employees. Also, I have been in leadership position myself  and have the first hand experience what it is – to lead.

I  have decided to write this post because recently, I have been spending a lot of time reading and learning about leadership, and what struck me, was that I have found interesting resemblance between  ideas in some of the books and seminars and leaders that I have observed .

Why now you would ask ? I think,before, I wasn’t paying attention to one important detail, that became obvious to me recently.  It all started with simple idea…

John Maxwell (leadership consultant) in his 5 Levels of Leadership often mentions: “The position does not  make you a leader”, meaning  that there are tons of people who are in the leadership positions, but they are not  leaders.

This is a great observation, and we all know that it is true. But what defines a successful leader ? I think answers to that questions lies in the important detail, I have mentioned above – those leaders are successful, who serve their employees. This may sound strange, since we used to see leaders on top and employees working for the leaders – however, if you look deep enough, you will see that structure where leader being on top most of the time simply doesn’t work.

If  you think about how a person becomes a successful  leader in the first place – (one of the most obvious scenarios I have seen) you work hard, you learn a lot about industry, you are a good communicator and people listen to you, you are able to open new potential in people and eventually you are put in the position to lead.  So in other words, you are put in the position to lead, because you were good with people and your new position is like someone saying to you “Keep up good work!”.  Think about what you have just read. Being a leader does not mean being on top, having power or even making someone listen to you, it is just recognition that your work is appreciated, and that you should keep it up.

So to sum up, In my opinion, the obvious thing, that any leader should know, is that leaders main job is to facilitate work of people that she leads. In other words – to serve their employees. I would even go as far as to say: Serving their employees is the most important thing, any leader should do in their position.The better leader you are, the more people you can serve.

After reading this,  think about your leader… How your leader leads you ? Does your leader give you a set of commands or does your leader asks: “How can I serve you, to make your life easier” ?

I would love to hear your stories, please put them in the comments section and lets have a dialogue…


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