Best Oregon Pinot Noir – Ayres 2014

Recently, I had a privilege to taste  wide variety Pinot Noir from Oregon. Oregon is famous for its Pinot, some of the wines are considered best in the world. I was looking for an affordable wine ($50 or less) with sophisticated characteristics, but also playful and young.

This is how I stumbled into  2014 Ayres Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley. I consider this wine to be best Oregon pinot noir for multiple reasons.

One of the main ones is how balanced this wine is. It is young and fresh, but also not stringent. It is easy to drink and it pairs well with almost everything, from pizza to fruits, however, I enjoyed drinking it on its own. It posses some of the qualities of its bigger, more famous and expensive brothers, from Burgundy. It has such  notes as  leather and red cherry.

All of this for $37. For such an amazing price this wine is  a great gift for girlfriend, husband or anyone who enjoys good red wine. Moreover, this bottle that you can take to any party and people will be thrilled.

More info available here:

P.S. I am no way affiliated with this winery, however I would like to them me couple of bottles of their wine if they love my post


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