30 days Meditation Experiment – My report on first 10 days

This year I have decided to split all my experiments by month. So now is January, which means – first experiment.

My first experiment this year is to Meditate for 30 days at least 10 minutes a day. I wanted to take meditation seriously for a while now, however I have always postponed it. If you think about it – how hard can it be to do nothing for 10 minutes a day ? Answer: Hard. Our mind is constantly trying to find things to do and to fill the void with whatever it thinks is important.

Meditation Hack – Find right App

For this experiment, I have chosen mobile app, that really helps me to get into meditative state, and so far  my daily meditation practices are a success. The app is called  Headspace  (I am not an affiliate). Why I like it – first of all its simple and it has 10 guided meditations for free. Many guided meditation resources start from the middle, they assume you already know the drill and just help you to get into mediative state, without really explaining what you should do. This app takes it differently, it assumes you know nothing, and teaches you all the small aspects to get you ready for your meditations, which I personally find great, as I am total noob in what comes to meditation.

First Results

So its been 10 days since I have started meditating for 10 minutes a day and here are my first results:

a. I feel much calmer
b. I look forward to every meditation practice as something very special
c. I feel that I don’t need to drink that much coffee anymore, meditation help me to stay focused
d. All the stress that happens in my life, I feel that it is temporary and I treat it less seriously, which helps me a lot to get to a better results

So far so good! I will keep you updated next week to see if something have changed!



P.S. If you have something to add, or you did this experiment before – comment below and lets talk


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