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I am big fan of productivity, If some tool can cut me 2 hours of mundane routine work, I will get it. Speaking of 2 hours, It often takes me forever to pick a brand name for new project. I could literally spend days staring at the screen trying some weird combinations, then go back and stare some more, just to realize that my desired brand name is already taken. Since, I have to pick quite of few brand name for all of my projects, it all adds up.

Recently I found a brand name generator (I am not an affiliate) that solves this problem:

Lean Domain Search   http://leandomainsearch.com

“Lean Domain Search” specializes in just that – you enter a keyword phrase, for example: “dog house” and it spits you  all possible domain combinations with “dog house”. So with one click you have tons of ideas for company name, for your app name, for your brand or blog. Isn’t that a time saver ?

brand name generator

You might ask, “But Anatoly, what separates this brand name generator from tons of others ?”. Great question! The juice in this brand name generator is that It spits out for you the SHORTEST possible domain combinations with the given keyword – which for SEO, and for your brand recognition is a key. So no more “DogHousePalooza” and crap like that.

In “dog house” example, if I would like to build a website specializing in dog houses, I could find a suitable brand name in about 10 minutes.  (DogHouseExpert.com would probably be my choice)

Another cool feature – when you click on any of the available domains, it shows you if this keyword combination is available on Twitter. Trust me, this will save you even more time and will remove sadness from your face when you are pumped by your new brand name just to find out that some dude has already taken your desired twitter handle.

Let me know what you think:

As I have pointed out earlier, I am not an affiliate, I am just sharing tools that help me get the work done in the most efficient way. I would like to know your opinion if you like this tool, and If you would like to get more posts like this, please post a comment with your opinion below.

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